War Brides by Lois Battle

War Brides by Lois Battle

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World War II is over, but for three Australian women on their way to new lives and new husbands in America, things are just beginning. Young, idealistic, and eager to live the American dream, Sheila, Dawn, and Gaynor travel by ocean liner to join the soldiers they swore to love when peacetime seemed like a lifetime away. But the world that awaits them on the other shore will challenge their illusions and their love, and force them to summon courage and strength they never knew they had.Lois Battle's ear for dialogue and eye for detail bring characters and places to life as few authors can. Rich with the vibrant language and heady atmosphere of postwar America, War Brides captures the look and feel of one of this country's most memorable eras. But in her portrayal of three women coming face to face with the sometimes harsh and often joyful realities of marriage in a new land, Battle -- herself the daughter of an Australian war bride -- offers a timeless, universal story that will satisfy and entertain readers of every age.

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