The Young Dragons – by Bradford J. Olesker (Author)

The Young Dragons – by Bradford J. Olesker (Author)

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Author Jack Olesker’s professional writing career began in 1976.  That year G. P. Putnam’s Sons published his first novel, NO PLACE LIKE HOME.  The novel went on to become a best seller with MGM’s Sherry Lansing and legendary horror/suspense producer/director William Castle purchasing the film rights.

Olesker’s 7 published novels cross a wide range of genres, from action/adventure and mystery to horror, romance, and a historical saga. went on to publish six additional novels.  These novels notably crossed a number of genres from adventure to mystery to horror.  Just when readers try to put Olesker in a box about what he would and could write, the author came out with a new successful novel in a previously untapped area.  The film rights for Olesker’s third novel, the romance/horror tale BEYOND FOREVER, which was also published in condensed form by Cosmopolitan Magazine, were purchased by Yale Wexler Productions.

Author Jack Olesker’s published novels include the following.

WHITE DEATH — (Amazon, 2014)

CAST ON, BET’S OFF – (24/7 Publishing Group, 2007)

CONFESSIONAL — (Leisure Books, 1990)

THE YOUNG DRAGONS — (Signet, 1982)

BEYOND FOREVER — (New American Library, 1980)

THE SIEGE OF SUPERPORT — (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1978)

NO PLACE LIKE HOME — (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1976)

On these books Jack worked with multiple publishing houses, including Putnam, Signet, New American Library, Pocket and Dorchester.  He also had success writing related projects, such as selling CONFESSIONAL-based screenplay to Yale Wexler Productions.  When he’s not writing, Jack has lectured in front of professional organizations and other audiences.  These groups have included The American Society of Journalists and Authors.


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