The True Bride by Thomas Altman

The True Bride by Thomas Altman

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Expecting a baby should be one of the happiest times in a young couple's life. But for Ellen and Eric Campbell, the experience is one of utter horror. For someone is trying to terrorize the mother-to-be in a twisted and fiendish way. First, Ellen's favorite blue maternity blouse is slashed into shreds and found floating in the swimming pool of their apartment building. Then a hideous, headless doll appears in their bed. Ellen looks to the quiet, gentle Eric for comfort and protection, but Eric is becoming more and more withdrawn. It is only when Ellen accidentally comes across a prescription for tranquilizers in Eric's name that his terrible secret begins to unravel -- a secret of madness and a past tragedy so shattering that it still grips Eric's mind. When Ellen comes face-to-face with a ghostly woman in a tattered wedding dress -- a woman Eric insists he doesn't see -- she decides that she must flee from the man whose love she thought would protect her and the new life within her -- before it is too late.

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