The Open Door – by Theon Wright (Author)

The Open Door – by Theon Wright (Author)

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Q. How did you like the book?

A. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It is older, first published in 1970. Yet this book does have the qualities to endure for a long time. Readers will find this lasting quality throughout the book, but especially in the automatic writing sent through George Wright. The nonphysical entities George channeled for tell him clearly that time is strictly a measurement for the physical plane. Time is not the same where they exist.


Q. Do you find it plausible, after reading the book, that George was channeling nonphysical beings?

A. Yes. After reading the book, I'm convinced of it. Theon, his younger son, makes it quite clear that George was not the type to go into trances and write things to impress people, or to make money.


Q. Why did he do it, then?

A. George thought the channeled material would promote human learning and betterment, and open the door to the possibility of existence after what we call death. After George died, his older son, Stowell, was able to continue his work to a certain extent. Theon, for his part, was a skeptic even after his father died, but later he also became convinced that some genuine communication was occurring between his father somewhere in the beyond and Stowell. Nella, their mother, the wife of George, was the crucial nexus for all of this. She pulled together the contents of most of the book. Theon pulled together, and updated, what she had pulled together.


Q. So who would be interested in reading this book?

A. People who are open to the idea of a human soul. People interested in the possibilities of some form of life after death. People who are interested in the Wright family per se, because the book is as much a memoir than a case history of only automatic writing. Theon, the philosopher in the family, looks at automatic writing from a unique perspective. The sayings of the Master, which the family compiled into what they called the Green Book, are concise and helpful. Today, in 2013, we have had so many more people who channel since the time of George Wright, that George has been practically forgotten. If he and his messages were forgotten, it would be an important loss for humanity. I am going to keep my copy of the Open Door, study it, underline points salient for me, study it again. A paperback version was published more recently.  

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