The Anointing by Martha Mabey

The Anointing by Martha Mabey

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And then in 1982 I wrote a novel about snakes, the Holy Spirit and sex. Called THE ANOINTING, it was published by Dell Books as an original paperback. In it a beautiful young girl with special gifts of seeing and hearing (Moiria Taylor) accompanies her preacher father deep into the Kentucky mountains to confront the leader of a snake-handling church who represents perversity and evil. Moiria meets an innocent young man (Scottie) whose mother is a member of the snake-handling church. Together with the preacher (Hiram Taylor), Moiria and Scottie try to stop the evil and are almost destroyed in the process.

When THE ANOINTING  was published, I was certain my career was launched. But something similar to the critical reaction by my fiancé happened. My family and close friends were horrified. “How COULD you write a book like THAT?” they said.

Instead of thinking that maybe I had something interesting to say since people were making such a fuss, (THE ANOINTING is a very scary story--mix sex and spirituality and you've got a really hot topic) I was crushed. My creative juices dried up.

I thought I had only two choices: continue writing from some deep place or loose approval of people I loved.

Forgive me for the decision I made. I was young and scared.

Finally in 1996 I wrote a publishable novel again, and it was mostly for fun.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the The Anointing by Martha Mabey.

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