Still To Decide by Enoch Powell,  John Wood (Editor)

Still To Decide by Enoch Powell, John Wood (Editor)

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Because he deals in principles the thinking of Enoch Powell has, in contrast to that of most politicians, a permanent relevance. And because, again in contrast to most of his contemporaries (and predecessors), Enoch Powell is a stylist and a scholar, his pronouncements retain their liveliness and validity far beyond the occasion on which they were originally made. This book, more even than those before, is concerned with fundamentals. The answers to the questions which Mr Powell asks are those which should precede the formulation of any political philosophy: Who are we? What are we ? What is the nation, 'free' or 'unfree', 'afraid' or 'not afraid'? On what principles are our lives to be managed, by whom are we to be ruled, and, as Churchill once demanded of the Nazis, 'what sort of people do they think we are' ? These fundamentals are here examined in their relationship to such particular issues as: More Government or Less ? The Media; the Trade Unions; Denationalisation; Education; Economic Policy; Ulster; Immigration; and the Common Market. Enoch Powell's thinking is in an exact sense radical. That is why it is so Well worth pondering in this permanent form.

The Still To Decide by Enoch Powell, John Wood (Editor) is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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