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National Geographic September 1974

National Geographic September 1974

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Those Proper and Other Bostonians
The historic Massachusetts metropolis knits together diverse communities: Italian, Irish, bluenose, Puerto Ricans, Asian, and black, with a Bostonian zest.

***Damaged Cover***

St. Botolph’s Town: the Original Boston { The Original Boston: St. Botolph’s Town}
A village in Lincolnshire, England, preserves structures and memories of the Puritans imprisoned here and those who eventually established the namesake town in Massachusetts Bay Colony.

East Germany: The Struggle to Succeed
Recently admitted into the United Nations, this communist nation, a land of collective farms and tight restrictions, is increasingly productive.

Europe’s Shy and Spectacular Kingfisher { The Shy and Spectacular Kingfisher; Plummeting Missile of Turquoise, the Shy and Spectacular Kingfisher}
Two Danish photographers capture the skill of the elusive European kingfisher, as it dives for trout and feeds its young.

Nature’s Gifts to Medicine
Since antiquity, flowers and herbs have soothed and healed human ailments. Now pharmacologists show ever growing interest in natural products.

Twilight of the Arab Dhow
Traditional sailing craft still ferry freight in the Indian Ocean. The author travels aboard a dhow trading from Kuwait to Tanzania.

The Family Farm Ain’t What It Used To Be
Aided by mechanization, a devoted Iowa family raising pigs and corn on 320 acres competes with huge agribusiness operations.

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