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National Geographic, November 1967

National Geographic, November 1967

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Yellowstone Wildlife in Winter
When most tourists have gone home, the National Park Service conducts studies and population control on buffalo, elk, and bighorn sheep in the solitary snow- mantled beauty of a Yellowstone winter.

Flight Into Antarctic Darkness
Navy airmen inaugurate regular flights by ski- equipped C- 130s from New Zealand to supply researchers at McMurdo Station.

Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Melting- pot Metropolis
Europeans of every nationality and their descendants look for the good life in South America’s largest urban area.

New South Wales, the State That Cradled Australia
Australia’s most populous state, with the federal capital in Sydney, swells with immigrants seeking work in expanding factories.

Dry- Land Fleet Sails the Sahara
Driven by bright sails, 12 one- man vehicles challenge the rocky wasteland from Bechar, Algeria, to Nouakchott, Mauritania, on a month- long journey that delights desert- dwelling observers.

Historic Color Portrait of Earth From Space
A U. S. Department of Defense spacecraft named Dodge photographs Earth from 21, 000 miles out, making the first such pictures of our home planet.

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