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National Geographic March 1964

National Geographic March 1964

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The Magazine cover side is damaged, not missing any page, it is an amazing reference


First Flight Across the Bottom of the World: Cape Town to Christchurch
Undertaking perhaps the last great long- distance flight, the author and his crew become the first to fly from Africa to New Zealand across Antarctica.

How We Plan to Put Men on the Moon { Footprints on the Moon}
America mobilizes her resources for humanity’s greatest adventure – – a landing on the moon before 1970.

John F. Kennedy: The Last Full Measure { The Last Full Measure: The World Pays Tribute to President Kennedy}
The world mourns the devastating loss of President Kennedy, laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

Behind the Veil of Troubled Yemen
Wracked by civil war, an ancient Arabian land struggles to find its place in the 20th century.

Watching a Baby Gorilla Grow Up { Jambo- -First Gorilla Raised by Its Mother in Captivity}
The birth of Jambo, good morning in Swahili, affords the first ever opportunity to observe in captivity the relationship between a mother and infant gorilla.

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