National Geographic Magazine - March 1974 - Vol. 145 No. 3

National Geographic Magazine - March 1974 - Vol. 145 No. 3

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Bavaria: Mod, Medieval- -and Bewitching
With a culture closer to Vienna’s than to Berlin’s, the largest state in West Germany follows a calendar round of sports, festivals, and celebrations.

Nebraska. .. the Good Life
A native son goes home to find an abundance of beef, cattle, hogs, and grain still enriches the prairie state while its cities move boldly toward the 21st century.

Where Would We Be Without Algae? { Algae: the Life- givers}
One- celled algae may have been ancestral to multicellular organisms. In many forms from microscopic to the 200- foot giant kelp, algae account for perhaps 90 percent of all photosynthesis.

Can the Cooper’s Hawk Survive?
Some 2, 000 hours of observation yield new information about these small raptors, now under stress from pesticide poisoning.

Trek Across Arctic America
With Eskimo guides but no compass, a 27- year- old Englishman struggles across 2, 500 miles from Repulse Bay in Canada to Point Barrow, Alaska, to experience the rigors of traditional Eskimo life.

Those Successful Japanese
Crowded in a land smaller than California, a nation of traditionalists copes with the changes brought by industrial prosperity.

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