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National Geographic Magazine, February 1964

National Geographic Magazine, February 1964

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National Geographic Magazine, February 1964

side of cover a little damaged

Our Only Native Stork, the Wood Ibis
Once common throughout the southeastern and Gulf states, this spectacular bird now fights a seesaw battle for survival against recurring drought and encroaching civilization.

20th- century Indians Preserve Customs of the Cliff Dwellers
Similar architecture, art, textiles, and traditions suggest that the Pueblo people of New Mexico and Arizona may be the descendants of the ancient Mesa Verdeans.

Friendly Flight to Northern Europe
President Lyndon B. Johnson recounts an official visit to five northern European nations; Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. His message of mutually profitable trade, the defense of freedom, and the pursuit of peace, is enthusiastically rec;

Solving the Riddles of Wetherill Mesa
Silent cities clinging to sandstone cliffs yield their secrets to a major five- year archaeological effort by a National Park Service – – National Geographic Society team.

The Five Worlds of Peru
Peru’s diverse worlds include towering mountains, verdant jungle, desert, sea, and Lima – – the cosmopolitan City of Kings.

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