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Some traditional Lebanese stews tend to have the simplest of ingredients yet the loveliest of flavors, as well as loads of vitamins and fibers. A literal English translation of the Arabic word Makhlouta is  “mixed”, referring to the mix of 7 types of whole grains that go in it.

7 types of whole grains:

Weat, Lentils, Hommus, White beans (fasoliya bayda), Red beans (fasoliya hamra), Big beans (fasoliya aarida) and Fava beans. 

Weight: 1 kg

This recipe is for almost 4 Portions (plates).

How to cook Makhlouta: 

  1. Separate the whole grains & make sure there isn't any grass between them. 

  2. Put all the beans in a big bowl & soak in water for one day

  3. Drain the grains from water and put them in a pot over warm water until they start getting cooked 

  4. Then add Salt (as needed), the Mixture of spices provided with the grains & a mixture of fried onions. Rice could be added as well. 

  5. Mix them all together

  6. If some of the water evaporated, add only until it becomes 1 cm above the mixture & close the pot. 

  7. After a couple of minutes on medium fire, lessen the fire and leave the pot closed for 15 minutes!

  8. Enjoy!! 


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