Grimm's Fairy Tales – by Jacob Grimm - 1969
Grimm's Fairy Tales – by Jacob Grimm - 1969

Grimm's Fairy Tales – by Jacob Grimm - 1969

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First published in the "Bankcroft Classics" 1966

This Impression 1969


Since their first publication in 1812, Grimm's Fairy Tales have proven to be an enduring feature of Western literature. The stories have been translated into over 100 languages worldwide, and their influence has cast its spell on many film makers, as well. The stories were collected from traditional storytellers from around Germany, usually women, and the motivation to collect them grew out of the wave of romantic nationalism of the early 19th century. The Brothers Grimm aided this post-Napoleonic nationalist revival with their folklore collection, driven by the conviction that a national identity was to be found among the common people. Thus, from among the common German folk, and as a reflection of German cultural identity, these ancient stories were collected and published. Today, we celebrate these fairy tales for their magic, energy, imagination, vivid narration, mythic power, and unforgettable, stereotypical characters. These are timeless fables for the young and the young at heart. For those who wish to read along, this recording is taken from the illustrated Louis Rhead edition of 1917

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