Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 47

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 47

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Story One

"Taking The Fall"

Sonic and Sally lead a mission into Robotropolis, making their way to the top of a massive building while the Wolf Pack watch them from a distance. Drago is concerned about trusting people outside of the pack, but Lupe commands him to contact remaining Knothole Freedom Fighters and Dr. Quack. Antoine demands that the pack wait for Sonic and Sally's signal before acting. Bunnie and Tails scold Antoine for treating the Wolf Pack harshly, but Rotor sympathizes with Antoine's attitude, acknowledging how tense things are. Sally thinks back to the other night, when King Acorn miraculously recovered but refused to explain how. The King, acting quite secretively, informed her that he suspected Sonic of being a traitor and ordered her to take him with her on their next mission to test his loyalty. Overwhelmed by her father's strange behavior and the accusation against her friend, Sally remains confident that Sonic is on her side.

Sonic enters a vent while Sally rappels down the side of the building with a rope. Dr. Robotnik watches her on his security cameras, Snively at his side, and activates the building's laser defense systems. Rotor quickly responds, blasting the building's defenses with his Party-Hearty Quadra Sonic Rock 'N' Roller. Antoine spies Sonic at a nearby ledge and the group rejoices -- until they see him pull out a switchblade. Sonic cuts Sally's rope, sending her plummeting to the streets below. Bunnie heads for Sally while the Wolf Pack provides cover fire against the Robotropolis defense systems.

Meanwhile, Robotnik gloats over his victory with Snively. Sonic arrives to confront his nemesis, only for Robotnik to activate lasers to distract him and escape through a trap door. While Robotnik and Snively flee down a slide, Sonic picks up a piece of metal and uses it to reflect the lasers back towards their source. Robotnik then detonates the room Sonic is in while Sally is escorted to Dr. Quack, who informs them that they must get her to Knothole immediately. The Wolf Pack remains behind to fight off the swarm of SWATbots in Robotropolis while the Freedom Fighters flee the battle. Tails worries about leaving Sonic behind, but the Freedom Fighters take off without him. Sonic soon arrives at the landing site and is confused to find his friends missing, but puts his worries aside and heads to Knothole on foot.

Robotnik heads through an underground transport to Robotropolis South, where he enters a new command center and watches his monitors closely to see his plan fall in place. Back in Knothole, the Freedom Fighters and Rosie wait anxiously outside Dr. Quack's office. Quack enters the room and shakes his head, leaving the Freedom Fighters struck with horror and disbelief at the loss of their leader. Sonic arrives, demanding to know why he was abandoned in Robotropolis, only for Geoffrey St. John, Smiley and Fleming to place him under arrest. Sonic is mortified to learn he's suspected of murdering Sally.

Elsewhere, Drago enters a hut in Knothole to greet his girlfriend Hershey Cat, and gloats over the success of his plans. The next morning, Sonic is brought before the people of Knothole to stand trial for his supposed crime, but the King refuses to believe his plea. Rather than have Sonic executed, the King sentences him to life in prison at the Devil's Gulag. Snively and Robotnik watch the proceedings and laugh at their victory.

The Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 47 is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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